Wow. Here I am. After debating many times about starting a blog and what the topic of the blog should be, it finally dawned on me as to what the topic should be.

Around May 2015, I started to notice a change in myself.  I was not as happy, outgoing, and positive as I normally had been my whole life.  I thought work was becoming overwhelming so waited until after I knew I had a vacation planned that same July.  Thinking the vacation would be a nice, necessary break, I came back and ended up feeling worse.  It was then that I began to admit to myself that I may have depression and anxiety.  I was living in a new place for the first time in my life (grew up, went to school, and had my first job in Pittsburgh; now in the NYC area) and the reality of being out of my comfort zone was hitting me harder than I had prepared for.  In the fall, everything became too much and I began seeing a therapist.  Things were clearer after talking with her each week, however I still had the same feelings deep down.  In February 2016 I decided it could be time to seek out the help of a psychiatrist.  I have been on medication since then and am still working to get back to my old self.

While I have days and weeks where I feel better, there are still times when I feel weak and unlike myself.  I love to journal and figured why not share those thoughts and experiences with others?

The purpose of this blog is to discuss what living an everyday life with depression and anxiety is like.  The images so often portrayed in the media and other publications are those of people who do not get out of bed, do not function well, and sometimes even commit suicide. While these are all very real depictions of the disease, there are still countless others who carry on through life, forcing themselves to continue their daily activities, sometimes mustering up a smile, while living with the very real feelings of depression and anxiety.

I will share my own stories, those I have observed, and even educational information on this topic and hope that along the way we can all learn something from one another and help each other through this ongoing journey.

The name “Streaks of Gray” came to me when reading something that said “every silver lining has a touch of gray.”  To me, this jumped out because while I used to be positive and know many people who can always find the ‘silver lining’ in situations, sometimes we get to a place in life where no matter what, we cannot help but notice the ‘streaks of gray.’  Thanks for stopping by and look forward to connecting with you!




6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I used to think about going to a therapist too. Things changed for me. I realized suicide isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. I have as much of a right to kill myself as women have to reject me. I’m not going to support a system that’s against freedom of choice.

    Good luck though. Remember, suicide doesn’t happen. It’s a choice and that’s our source of strength.


    • That’s an interesting perspective, though I am not sure I agree. Either way, hopefully we are able to find something to hang on to, to make continuing to live worthwhile for us and those around us. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Love the titles for the blog. As a person who tries to see the positive in every situation I’m looking forward to learning more about this very real illness that affects so many. I hope your blog helps to shed light on this subject and teach others maybe not affected to be aware, sensitive and understanding of people suffering from a “mental illnesses”. Good luck with the blog and looking forward to learning more in your future posts.


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