More to a tree, and me, than meets the eye.

One thing I think about often is how I believe everything happens as it is supposed to.  Sometimes I do not want to believe this and try to convince myself that maybe this is not the case.

However, then I look around me and reflect.  When you look at a tree what do you see?  Do any thoughts come to mind? For some reason, especially when on a longer drive, when I look at trees all I can think about is the grand mystery of nature and the earth.  How all events in history (whether you believe in a higher power or simply just think it is science) conspired for this moment to happen.  The tree has so many parts to it, yet we only see its exterior and take for granted its story.  Where it is from, how long it has been growing, and all the parts of it that we cannot see but that make it the tree we accept and see.

I think this is a lot like our lives in a way.  People look at us and see us in a moment.  Everything in our lives, and everything in the universe for that matter, worked together to put you in this place.  But people only see that moment.  They do not see what has made you who you are in that moment.  They do not see your story, what you have been through, and all the parts that make you uniquely you.  This feeling can be exhausting.  It leaves us feeling misunderstood, attacked, and alone.  For me, I often go on the defensive immediately if I feel someone does not understand where I am coming from or agrees with a decision I make.  

But I am coming to realize, it’s ok for people to not know the whole story.  I know it is ok because I can still look at a tree, know nothing about it, and find beauty in it.  And those are the people we need in life.  Those who can look at us, know nothing or everything, yet love and care for us regardless.  Those types of people are rare and hard to come by.  I am fortunate to have a few, and everyone deserves to have people like that.  Life is too hard to go it alone.  As much as it may be hard at times, do not be afraid to lean on others.  Independence is great, but the universe has put these other people here for a reason, so you might as well take advantage.


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